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our heritage

Olfa Originals upholds the legacy of the great ‘Gobind Ram Kahan Chand Perfumes and Attars’ by following the royal formulations of deriving fragrances from only the finest and rarest of ingredients.

Established in 1805 in Lahore , Gobind Ram Kahan Chand carefully curated and preserved the scented secrets of the Mughal empress, Nur Jahan, so every subject could know the distinct and royal scents of Her Highness.

These secrets were passed on for generations, perfected by Dr.KL Bhatia over decades and brought to life by his grand-daughter recently.

As the old tale goes, Begum Nur Jahan discovered ruh-e gulab when she chanced upon an oily film over a rose petal that she’d left in water overnight. The following morning, as the Begum basked in the light of her new discovery, the Mughal dalliance with Perfume or, ATTAR (Itr) began.

Olfa Originals’ raison d’etre hails from the very philosophy of Gobind Ram Kahan Chand Perfumes and Attars epitomized: of bringing finest formulated fragrances to the wearers, lending them a touch of class and sophistication.

The whimsical little bottles of scent have all the cachet and romance of a great vintage find.