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Casting a Spell During Our Arabian Nights


Olfa Originals is in Dubai for one of the most sought after exhibitions in the world ,Beauty World Middle East, and we can’t help but fall in love with the opulent scents that everybody here radiates.
With the influence of Modern Middle East known to shift the course of perfumery, what would be even better than wearing Olfa’s oud perfumes for our night here? 
While dressing up for Dubai’s vibrant night life, we wanted to wear something that smelled as gorgeous as the city. Olfa Originals Oud Obsédé was hence the most appealing due to its warm, enigmatic, and surprisingly luminious notes. With its inbuilt layers, the top note of spicy black pepper slowly revealed the heart layer which was a perfect blend of amber, cinnamon, lavender, and tonka bean. Whats even better is the Obsédé becomes richer by the time it reaches its base notes that flawlessly combines oud, myrrh, labdanum, tobacco, and precious musk.
Needless to say our night was beyond glamorous. Dancing to the beats of the nightclubs in the city, we reveled in a different persona this beautifully bottled luxury let us live. Oud Obsédé is available in Huile De Parfum as well as Eau De Parfum . Get in touch with us for further details.
Until then, we are going to be all touristy through the rolling sand dunes.